The purpose of martial competition is to motivate and direct training.   The rules of each of Longpoint South's three events, longsword, ringen, and target cutting are based on historical concepts found in texts from Medieval and Renaissance Europe.

The Longpoint South Triathlon tests fighters in three areas -- armed combat, unarmed combat, and the application of body mechanics to cutting targets with a sword. Rather than rewarding expertise in just one event, the Longpoint South Triathlon recognizes those fighters who demonstrate a mastery of a wide range of skills and knowledge.  The competitors' scores from each event are added to determine scores for the Longpoint South Triathlon.

Finals for the Open Steel Longsword will be fought on stage and broadcast live on ESPN 3.

Open Steel Longsword

Competition has long been recognized as an important way to hone skill and demonstrate one’s abilities. Throughout the Renaissance across Europe, competition with the lonsword, rapier, and other weapons played a major role in the training of fighters.



Ringen is the German language term for unarmed combat found in manuscripts during the Late Middle Ages and the German Renaissance.  This often includes grappling techniques used as part of sword fighting.                                                                        

Target Cutting

Cutting is primarily focused on delivering a strike with precision, power, and structure to inflict as severe a wound as possible -- this is absolutely necessary for a practitioner of any sword art.