Longpoint South Awards Dinner

Attend a HEMA Awards Dinner like no other! Following the ESPN Live finals, join us at the Paddlefish Restaurant, located in Disney Springs to sit down for a gourmet dinner and presentation of prizes. Cash bar will be available starting at 8: P.M.and last through dinner.

We recommend wearing "date night" clothing for the awards dinner. We'd like it to mean something like a button up shirt and nice jeans, or maybe even a suit or a dress. But hey, it's Florida, so shirts and shoes are considered dress-up.  If you go on dates in jorts and a three wolves t-shirt, so be it.  If you feel the need to Disneybound, wear your Halloween costume, sport Mickey or Minnie ears, or get out your retro "Dapper Day" attire, have at. It's Disney!  Our only request is that you shower before dinner (for those who fought in the finals, we might make an exception, too).  

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Longpoint South Awards Dinner
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Longpoint South Bundle
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Bundle Includes:

  • Lunch for Friday and Saturday
  • Breakfast for Friday & Saturday
  • Awards Dinner
  • Longpoint South 2017 Collectible "Bottomless" Mug

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