Open Steel Longsword


The Longpoint South Open Steel Longsword competition is a mixed-gender competition.  Men and women will fight in pools together.   

All Fighters Staff

Fighters are requested to thoroughly review the rule and be prepared to staff other pools as judges.  Fighters are normally only asked to judge one pool.  Some fighters serving as senior judges or directors may be asked to staff more than one pool. Accommodations will be made to permit competitors to participate in their other events.

Longpoint Rules

Longpoint South uses the most current Longpoint Rules.

In developing the Longpoint rules, the organization operated on the following assumptions regarding “good technique” as broadly found throughout our interpretations of the historical sources:

Click here to watch a video explaining the 2016 Longpoint Rules.

  1. It leads to hitting the opponent without also being hit at the same time or shortly thereafter.
  2. Movements are measured, balanced, and stable.
  3. Good technique ultimately leads to a wound to the head or torso.
  4. Technical skill is best demonstrated by techniques which actively interrupt and control the opponent’s weapon while striking.

We acknowledge that there are other approaches, interpretations, and thoughts on the matter. In the case of Longpoint rules, however, this is what we’re looking for.


Some Modifications

Due to the set up at the ESPN Wide World of Sports, fighters will fight on squares and not in rings.  The perimeter of the square will act as a ring in the case of ringouts.

Approved Models of Longswords

  • Regenyei Feders
  • Pavel Moc Feders 
  • Ensifer Feders
  • Mac Arms Feders
  • SGT Blades Feders
  • Black Horse Feders
  • Chlebowski Feders
  • Albion Meyer 
  • Arms & Armor Fechterspiel or Fechtbuch Sword
  • Comfort Fencing “Dobringer” Feder 
  • Darkwood Armory Feders
  • Baltimore Sword and Knife Works Feders
  • Castille Armory Feders